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2.BOHO LACED MINI DRESS: My dress choices are mostly about looking innocent and fresh.This bohemian mini dress Ive got from tosav...

November 21, 2016



StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. It has unique independent designers who provide lots of diversity to the online shopping.Unlike the other online shopping sites,Its possible to find more personal and high fashion items that reach every style and choices from dresses to bags youll never find at local stores in your area.They have a huge sale till November,25 so check them out before sale ends.There are million pieces I wolud buy in a heartbeat but these are my favourites If you want to buy:

1.White Paneled Long Sleeve Plain Mini Dress

Bodycon dress,sweater dress tell what you like but one thing is sure a little dress which simply elegant never loses its glam.Check its designer Vicky for more items.

A perfect hoodie must be comfy and a bit oversized but never must lose its badgirl vibe.I love every single item the designer Zhang made Check them out!

Remember when I said invest to a good piece of blak jacket? Make it when you find a killer ones like  that too! Who need a color matching overlooking outfit when you have a one fine piece of biker jacket talks itself! Check its brand Morefeel they have maxidresses for summer on sale !

What I love aboout bags,they should never mess with your colors but also should stand by itself,should catch attention.If you are a catlady dont miss checking these bags .Sale ends in 4 days 

If you want to search more and find more check Stylewe.com %10 Off  over with the code "BLK10" 150$ ,%15 Off Over 200$ with the code "BLK15 and %20 Off Over 300$ WİTH THE CODE "BLK20"  https://www.stylewe.com/.You can also find them at Pinterest,Facebook,Twitter,Google,Youtube.

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